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My display goes blank or looks blurry, what can I do to resolve the issue?

Perform a hard reset (see Quick Solution page). Ensure the phone is properly charged. Examine phone for protective film and remove if necessary.

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How long should I charge my phone once I receive it?

You should charge your phone as indicated in your owner's manual. In general most phones must charge for a minimum of 12 hours.

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Can I use a different charger or battery with my phone?

No. Chargers and batteries are built for the specific electrical requirements of the phone. Using equipment, not supplied by the manufacturer, that "fit" may result in phone damage or shortened battery life.

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My phone randomly powers off, what can I do to resolve the issue?

Perform a hard reset (see page) Quick Solution . Check the battery contacts to make sure they are not damaged and are free from debris. Check charger to ensure it is properly plugged into an active wall outlet and properly connected to the phone.

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Can I change my phone model if my original phone is damaged beyond repair?

Insurance coverage is for the enrolled model only. If the model is no longer manufactured, a comparable model may be issued as a replacement. Please contact your carrier if you wish to upgrade your phone.

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How do I transfer my contact list to another phone?

This process varies by phone model. You will need to contact your wireless provider for detailed instructions.

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How do I save downloads (ringtones, pictures,etc.) before returning my phone to Asurion?

This process varies by phone model. You will need to save this information to a removable memory card (see your owner's manual) or contact your wireless provider for specific instructions.

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Should I return all of my accessories with the phone (charger, car charger, base, cards, belt clip)?

No. Please return the phone only. You may keep the accessories for use as spares or backups.

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How long do I have to report any damaged or missing items in my package?

Customers have 7 days to report any items that appear to be damaged or missing from the shipment.

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Why do I need to call from another phone and not the replacement phone?

You will need to provide us with information from the replacement phone. You may not be able to do so while using the phone.

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How do I find out if my defective phone has been returned to Asurion?

For phones shipped in the white or yellow envelopes, you can contact an Asurion Agent at 1-866-667-2540 for status. Keep in mind that it could take 7-10 business days for delivery. For phones that were processed through UPS, you can contact UPS directly with your tracking number. These shipments will be either next day or standard ground depending upon the shipping method chosen.

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What should I do if my replacement phone from Asurion doesn't work?

Review the information provided on these web-pages for common solutions or you can contact one of our Technical Specialist at 1-866-667-2540.

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What should I do if I didn't receive all of the contents I expected in my shipment from Asurion?

Contact one of our Agents at 1-866-667-2540 for assistance.

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